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CBS LA recently covered a story about a Ugandan woman, 21 year old Christine Nakato, who was left disfigured after being doused with battery acid by her partner’s jealous ex-girlfriend. Christine’s story was recently told through a translator, Lydia Natoolo. Peter Grossman is the lead surgeon performing a series of reconstructive surgeries on her face, breasts and arms.


Lydia’s family could not always afford the grade school tuition. So, Lydia was in and out of school based on the family’s ability to pay. Food, clean water and electricity were also available only when they could …

  • Atutur Hospital
  • Hospital Administrators & Love A Community Team: In-front of Atutur Hospital.
  • One of the Water Wells Near Atutur Hospital.
  • Testing Water Samples From The Nearest Eight Water Sources.
  • Checking The Results From The Water Samples: Seven Of The Eight Samples Were Contaminated.
  • Lake Kyoga: One Of The Water Sources.