The idea of Love A Community was conceived in 2011 by Lydia Natoolo; a Ugandan Native who resides in Mission Viejo, CA. Through her life experience, Lydia realized that all humans have some talent, ability or gift to make a difference; regardless of education, social background, or economic status. The goal of Love A Community is to empower those around the world to create change in their own lives and communities. The lack of basic necessities such as access to clean water and health care in many rural communities especially in Africa, has moved Lydia to focus on building sustainable communities: one village at a time. Love A Community would like to visit communities and assess the needs of the people: working with the local and government leaders to empower its citizens.


Our focus is to support Atutur Hospital in Kumi, Uganda by providing funds for medical supplies, infrastructure and most importantly, building clean water system.


Our vision for LAC is to support rural Ugandan Villages by providing basic necessities to allow them to work toward creating sustainable communities.



Our current project is to build a new water system for Atutur Hospital in Kumi District, Uganda; That provides medical services for more than 250,000 people but has been operating for years without access to clean water.

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