We are currently raising funds to provide Atutur Hospital with a backup generator. Backup generators are key infrastructure items in any hospital, due to the potentially life-threatening consequences of a power outage for patients on life-support systems, undergoing surgery, and in neonatal intensive care units.


Atutur Hospital had only intermittent electricity because Africa, and Uganda in particular, has a minimal supply of electricity. When there is an electricity blackout, nurses had to use torches or flashlights for deliveries, and surgeries could not be performed.

Thanks to our fundraising efforts, donations from UCI Blum Center and installation by the Ugandan solar panel business, Atutur Hospital now has one-third of the necessary solar panels.

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Backup Generator Drive


Through partnerships with Walk 4 Water, Orange County (a chapter of Hope 4 Kids International, which is a US- based, Christian, 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to “serving children living in impoverished environments around the world by establishing economic, spiritual, water, orphan, and feeding programs”), we raised the funds necessary for Hope 4 Kids International to supply Atutur Hospital with a new clean water system of pipes and tank.

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Clean the Wells Drive

The community well is still contaminated with E.Coli and fecal matter. We are currently in the process of using a filtration system to clean the well. Rather than building new water sources, since there are already many, we are focusing our efforts on cleaning the existing ones so that the community can safely use them.


Atutur Hospital currently lacks modern surgical equipment, supplies, and materials. For example, the hospital has only 1 surgical table. Through a partnership with Giving Children Hope, a non-profit organization out of Buena Park, CA, we are finalizing our paperwork to get a fully stocked medical container for Atutur Hospital.

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Medical Resources Drive