"What we thought when we heard Lydia wanted to support Atutur Hospital.

"We did not take her seriously and we never imagined anything good would ever happen because we had received other people and Organizations before who just disappeared without any attempt to address a single challenge. We had already resigned to our fate of hopelessness.

"How that changed when she visited the Hospital and raised funds to help.

"She has proved us wrong and restored our confidence. For example; She got us without clean running water and now we have it. The Hospital, patients and staff as well as the communities around the Hospital are benefiting from this clean water. She found us working in the dark, delivering mothers using hand torches and examining our patients in similar conditions but now we have solar energy lights in some departments and money saved from buying paraffin is now being used to buy medicine.

"The patients had run away from the Hospital fearing infections but now they have come back and our image and name is restored.

"The mortality rate has decreased from 19.5% to just 2% after restoration of water supply.The relationship between the communities around the Hospital and the Hospital has greatly improved because we have been able to share the water supply with them."

- Mr. Malinga, Atutur Hospital Administrator